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Examples of Our Work

We design and build custom stained and/or leaded glass windows and lamps as well as fused glass projects.
We work with the client to design the window that they envision using pictures and descriptions from the client
as well as our experience and resource materials.

Blaylock BlueBirds and Dogwood

This bluebird and dogwood panel was designed for a residential entry. Each dogwood petal was created using fusible white glass with touches of powder to create the red tips. The flower centers are fused using glass and frit. Each of the fused elements were then leaded into the panel.


This is a portrait of a client's Irish Wolfhound. Photographs of Angus were used to create the design.

Sea Turtle

The turtle was created using fused glass techniques to create the shell and flippers and then constructed using the tradition lead came technique.

ITO Cherry Blossom

This stained glass cherry blossom panel was designed for a transom Iin a private residence. Each petal was fused using glass, powder, frit and vitrograph stringer before being leaded into the panel.

Hillcrest Chapel

This stained glass Triptych was designed for a renovated Chapel at Hillcrest Convalescent Home.

Hillcrest Chapel


The custom-made wood wall was designed to house and light the stained glass. Here you can see the full view of this peaceful and comforting Chapel.


Bashore Window


This stained glass panel was designed and constructed in our studio using the lead came technique. We also teach this technique in the Intermediate Stained Glass class.

Custom Grape Lamp  

This Grape Lamp is a custom design made using the copper foil technique. This technique is taught in our Beginning Stained Glass class.

Military Emblem  

This Military Emblem is very close to my heart. My son has served in the military and this represents how our troops have served and sacrificed to save our freedom.


This Buffalo stained glass piece is also made using the copper foil technique.

Communion Window Orange UMC  

This Communican window created out of stained glass was designed to fit into an unusual sized space.

Gordon Windows  

This series of Gordon windows are also made out of stained glass using the lead came technique.

Kitchen Hummingbird Window  

This Hummingbird window is also made out of stained glass using lead came technique.


This Waterlily window is made out of stained glass using the lead came technique.

Virginia Tech Vet School  

This window--designed for Virginia Tech Vet School--uses the lead came technique.


This window--HE IS RISEN--uses the lead came technique.


This Bluebird panel is a custom design made using the copper foil technique.

Blackeye Susan  

The Blackeye Susan lamp is a reproduction of a Tiffany design and is made using the copper foil technique.

Long Horn Steer  

Long Horn Steer covered with fused glass tiles, dichroic tiles and beads made from rods and pulled cane.

Weaver Arch  

This beautiful arch is stained glass.

Two Frogs Toast Each Other  

These two frogs in stained glass toast each other with fine wine.

Texas Blue Bonnet  

This Texas Blue Bonnet is made from stained glass.


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